Friday, July 18, 2008

No Photos Please!

Jameson turned three in March, so that means that he is old enough to sign up for swimming lessons (that is, without me having to go in the water, lol). I signed him up at the local YMCA last week, and VWALA! He has already had 5 swimming lessons! Apparently the Y now has the option to have 9 classes in a 2 week time frame, so since it is summer and the kids will prob be swimming alot I jumped on it. We'll probably still keep Jameson signed up for the winter but only the once a week class. There are a few cool classes for Ashton's age group too, so he'll be doing some things too.

Day One of Swimming: Did not turn out how I had hoped. Not at all. Jameson kicked and screamed, refused to go in the water. The only kid throwing a fit about it. It was pretty embarrassing. I'm sure the parents were thinking 'Glad that's not my kid', and 'thank god my kid likes the water'. Well, Jameson LOVES the water, he's a fish! He was not happy that he had to wear the "swim belt", he wanted his "swim vest". I think maybe he was nervous, he thought he would sink right to the bottom, I don't really know, but it was very bad.

Day Two of Swimming: I had a talk with Jameson about his swimming class, and why he needed it, and so on and so forth. After that I figured it was time that I should bring out the big guns. It's called BRIBE him! I told him if he listened to his teacher and wore the life belt, I would get him a treat. My mother had the day off so she wanted to go and see him too. He ended up doing awesome! He went right in, did his thing, and had a great time. Of course my mother ended up getting him a package of M & M's. I don't know if it was the talk or the treat that actually did it for him, but I'm glad he got over it!

Day three of Swimming: Jameson of course did great....he and the other boys in his class (there are two others) tend to wonder around the pool. The girls (2 of them) seem to follow direction much more easy and do what they're supposed to. I brought my camera today to get some good shots of Jameson swimming and learning to swim. I made sure I asked the swim teacher before I started snaping photos and she tells me no cameras in the swim area! WHAT?!? Since when am I not allowed to take pictures of my own child? But then I thought about it and I'm sure some perv ruined it for all of the parents, ugh.

Day Four & Five of Swimming: He did great once again, but Ashton's getting bored sitting there and he wants to go in the pool, or play with some of the pool toys, so I might drop him off at the childcare center so he can play during the lessons.

On Thursday we went to a childrens music festival in congress park in Saratoga. We met Amanda there with William (Jameson's best friend, Amanda nannies for him and his brother) and Michele with her new baby girl Kaelyn, and Calleigh (whom she nannies for). We packed a lunch and headed there after swim. It was a cute show, Jameson liked it, Ashton got bored after about 15 minutes (which happened to be when he finished his bag of chips!). It was fun, we walked around, went on the Caroucel, had a picnic and saw the ducks with thier ducklings.

When Meriah got home from work we decided to go to the Saratoga County fair and walk around a bit. We saw soo many animals, and I know the kids love seeing them and petting them, but ya gotta feel bad for them all chained up instead of roaming free in a field. We saw someone pumping milk out of a cow...honsetly, that makes me not want to drink milk ever again. Seeing it makes it soooo unappetizing! It was fun, I was hoping to see the hypnotist show, because those are fricken hilarious, but apparently you can't always get what you want. We saw the pig race instead, lol. It was cute, the kids enjoyed it, so it's all good.

Today, I was dreading because that would mean that I would have to go back to work, I've been out for almost 3 weeks for vacation and just for time off. It's been really nice, but back to the grind. Well this morning while I was rushing to get the boys ready (Jameson's swim class starts at 9:45 am and I also have to drop my sister off in summer school at 9:30) I noticed something on Ashton's bed. There were a few nerds on it.....a few days ago Meriah bought me a package of nerds, I left it somewhere, and couldn't find it. Well, I lifted up his blanket, and boom, there it was. It was torn open and ripped. Apparently he had a midnight snack last night. That little sneak! He's such a Mama's boy I didn't know he had it in him!! That's more like something Jameson would do! Funny stuff, the stuff you see your kids do, I love it!!

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skylin-photography said...

LOL about the nerds!!! I love those things and Aislin allllways has to have some when I'm eating them. Your little dude made a good choice. Haha.