Saturday, August 30, 2008

School Starts!!

Some of you may know that I just accepted a job at a childcare center! I'm very excited to start, I start on Tuesday! The boys will be going with me, I'm excited for them to meet new kids and do lots of things that I don't get the chance to do with them here at home! I brought them there yesterday, and to my surprise Jameson had a really hard time being dropped off.....(I didn't even leave the building, I just wanted them to get familiar with their new classroom before next week!) His class ended up going outside, which he had a good time....but I know when he becomes more friendly with the other kids he'll have a blast! Ashton I was way more nervous about leaving, because he's such a mama's boy and very clingy with me. His class had just got done eating a snack....OREO COOKIES! There was some left, so of course I had him sit to have a snack and he was fine when I left! I'm going to be in the infant room, so Im so excited! The babies are anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months, it'll be nice to hold a little baby again! I can't wait for it to be my turn again to have more!!! So I hung out with the infants for about an hour and went and picked up Jameson.....he was more than ready to go, but like I said, as soon as he makes some friends, I know he'll have a blast!! we went to get Ashton......and I never would have guessed it but Ashton wanted to stay....He threw a fit because he didn't want to leave!!!! So I feel ok about what to expect next week now! We start Tuesday 7:45-4:45...perfect hours for us! We're excited!!!! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What do you do for a living?

So, I have come to the conclusion that it will never end for me. I will constantly have to clean up something, and everything will always be lost. Everyday, and when I say everyday, I mean everyday, I have to search the entire house before we can go anywhere. Lately it's been a shoe, but it's also been a sippy cup, or the package of wipes, or the keys, or the list can go on forever. It gets annoying when you can't run to the store because there is one missing shoe......god forbid someone put it where it belongs!!!!! I feel like I do this for a living.......I wish I could make money searching for things!!

The other thing that annoys me lately is the constant mess. Obviously kids are messy. But I am really thinking that my kids have some sort of world record in making messes. They do help me clean up, but sometimes it just doesn't help having them help! I feel like every little thing I just get done picking up ends up back on the floor! ugh! And believe me, I'm not one of those "danny tanner" types of people, but before we go out, or before dinner, I try to starighten up the toys .........but the kids aint having it!

Sorry for my ranting and raving, I'm prob just tired, i was up until 2am last night catching up on the's going to be another late night tonight too......

On a good note.....Ashton is completely potty trained!!!! As soon as we ran out of diapers that was it, i was not buying any more! He has been diaper free for the past week and he only had one accident through the night, and he finally went poop on the potty last night for the first time, so this is huge! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is really it!

Also Jameson started up swimming lessons again, and he's doing awesome......his teachers are so impressed that when they let the kids jump in, he is the only kid that doesn't want the instructor to catch him, he wants to go under!!......what do you think.....possible future Micheal Phelps????

Friday, August 1, 2008

Home Videos

I just got done going through pictures from last's crazy how fast time goes by. I took my video camera out today, it's been a few months since I've used it. I look at my boys and I can still remember the first moment that I saw each of them. With Jameson, it was love at first sight, I was so unbelievably in shock that we made an actual human being. It was truley a miracle. Hearing him cry was just as miraculous. With Ashton, it was love at first sight, except that he didn't cry, he had this big ole pouty lip with little wimpering, it was the cutest thing. He was such a miracle. It was crazy to look at him and to see how different and how alike he was with Jameson. Just simply AMAZING.

I 've had a video camera for as long as I can remember, and the only time it seems to come out is on special occasions.There are so many things I love about my kids, I want to make sure I can capture it forever. I love the way they talk, I love how silly they can be, I think it's funny that Jameson is only 3 years old and he tries to prove me wrong, and really before I know it they'll be in school, staying the night at friends houses, and I'm sure they'll be too cool to hang out with their dorky mom.

It's now 2am, I just found the home video of Ashton in the hospital, and maybe sometime tomorrow I will post a clip of him :)
I found a cute one of Jameson on Christmas of 2006, he was 21 months, I'm gonna try to post that too......we'll see if I can figure it out!! It's past my bedtime.....goodnight!