Tuesday, July 29, 2008


What do you think it's like coming into America, (not knowing the language) from China? I have a coworker that asked me if I would take care of her 6 year old son for the next month. I only work weekends so I told her I could do it monday through friday. When I went to pick him up I found out he doesn't speak a word of English. OHHHHH boy. So I feel horrible for this kid, he has no clue who I am, he just flew in from China last week, and when he speaks, I have no idea what he's saying! So I try to go about my day as usual, (this was yesterday by the way), let the kids play, take them outside to play, let them watch some tv, feed them, play with them, go to a playground, clean up house. Of course, there were times when my boys weren't listening, so I usually do the count 1....2.....3!! So I had done that a bunch of times throughout the day, and when we were at the playground in the afternoon I said it to one of the boys and I hear William (boy from china) repeating me! LOL.....funny that out of all of the words i was trying to get him to say that what it turns out to be!!

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skylin-photography said...

Awwww! That poor little boy! I can't imagine not being able to understand the people around you!
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